25 Apr

Usually when we do a fat or weight loss program, we can feel a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of foods we shouldn't eat, it just seems like we can't eat any of the foods we like. But, that's only a mater of perspective; In fact, if you are doing a fat loss program is because you want to drop some pounds, decrease your fat percentage or simply improve your overall health. Consequently, you have to transform your eating habits because there might be a few things that you are currently eating that might be working against your goals and are making the fat loss process a lot harder.

As a result, I want to tell you a few foods that you should reduce the intake if you want to make your weight loss journey a bit easier. I am not telling you to eliminate them a 100% but do be very careful with how often you eat them. Usually, these foods are highly palatable and very dense in calories. 


Liquid calories slip in so easily, it's almost like you don't feel them unless you are aware of them. If you realise how much these drinks contribute to our obesity epidemic, you would stop drinking them right now.

  1. Soft drinks: The worst nightmare for your body's health. High in caffeine, sugar, calories, chemicals and a bunch of bad stuff... In one word only: Deadly.
  2. Fruit juices: There can be about 300 calories and three times more sugar in 20 ounces of juice than in a whole fruit. I don't mean to disturb you with the word calories, but they absolutely count when you are doing a weight loss program.
  3. Milkshakes: Around 900 calories can be found in a single shake. Speechless, right? Well, that's what happens when we pay too much attention to marketing and we forget about what we are putting inside our bodies.
  4. Alcoholic sweet beverage: Starring: Piña coladas, margaritas, mojitos, beers and all those sweets and fruity alcoholic beverages. If you like to have a glass of alcohol once in a while, there are a few other options with less calories and that will do less damage to your body like red wine for example.
  5. Ice cream shakes: You already know all the calories content in ice-cream, milk, syrups and candies, now put all of them together in a glass and what's the result? A high calorie and sugary shake.
  6. Detox juices: As I mentioned before; Make sure you eat the whole fruit instead.


Who doesn't enjoy a good pepperoni pizza during movie night or a delicious bag of potato chips while doing a road trip, right?. The thing is, if you don't control yourself over these foods, you might have heart diseases and other chronic diseases knocking at your door sooner as you would expected. 

Don't make these foods part of your regular diet if you want to lose weight, because they are the best on making you gain fat.

  1. Potato chips: They are high in calories, and it's easy to eat a bunch of them. Potato chips has been linked with weight gain over the years.
  2. Candy bars: They are extremely unhealthy, it's a bunch of refined sugars, flours and oils in a small package.
  3. Processed and sugary cereals: Having cereal for breakfast it's the most common thing in the world, so it should be fine, right?. Well, let me tell you that your day isn't starting in the right way. Most of cereals are packed with corn syrup and refined oils. On the other hand, there are a bunch of healthier options such as whole oats, puffed rice, etc.
  4. White bread: If you want to lose weight you should avoid high refined foods, and white bread is one of them. There are a lot of other healthier bread options that you can choose instead such as whole grain bread or rye bread.
  5. Commercial pizzas: Homemade is way better. Try making cauliflower pizza base at home, they are absolutely great!
  6. Packed snack foods
  7. Processed meats: Leave the salami, chorizo, pastrami and prosciutto for a special night with your friends or love ones, but don't make them part of your regular diet because they are packed with fat and sodium.
  8. Sweet treats: Sugar, sugar and more sugar. I don't have to say anything else, right?

Remember that you can't out train a bad diet. Good nutrition is indispensable when it comes to good health and maintaining a healthy weight. Share this article with your friends and family. Knowledge is power! 

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