Hi, I am Maria. Your coach!


My passion for sports started since I was a little kid. I was a swimmer competitor as a kid until I decided to switch sports and became a tennis player. I played tennis for about 7 years until I was 17 years old. I started lifting at about 16 years old and I have never stopped since then.


I graduated as a chef in Australia and worked as such until I developed back injuries, nervous system issues, sleep problems and blood flow issues due to lifestyle. Was then when I decided to switch careers and go for something I felt always attracted to and live for all my life: Fitness. I graduated as Fitness Professional in 2017 and since then I have dedicated my life to coach people who wants to be in charge of their lives and become an unstoppable weapon. I have coached hundreds of people through my career as a one on one coach at Fitness First Australia, Virgin Active Australia and through my 1:1 coaching online services.

My philosophy is based on transforming body and mind simultaneously to achieve the best results from inside out.


The key to improve your overall health, physique and aesthetics is in the optimal mix of nutrition, sleep, recovery and training. While doing my qualifications to become a fitness professional, I decided that I needed to become the full package and bring together all the worlds I love to help my clients in full. I got my qualifications as a nutrition coach in 2018 and have never stopped doing ongoing education to stay up to date with the best nutrition information out there.


I wanted to give my personal training and nutrition coaching services a stronger identity that I feel shows better my values and elevated style of coaching. For me, strong foundations are everything, they are the key to step further up in the ladder. If the base of a building is weak, the building won't last standing for long. Therefore, I decided in 2021 to call my coaching system "LVATED."

LVATED is a system to elevate your fitness and nutrition by building strong foundations, regarding mindset, fuel and performance. Strong foundations are the key to have a successful journey over time. This system is all about providing you the real tools and information you need to build your most elevated mindset and body, achieve your greatest strength and display your true power.


If your goal is to learn & build strong foundations, performance, nutrition and mindset wise, and take your body to the next level, we have the ideal system to help you achieve time record results with evidence based methods and information.

From the beginner to the most advanced athlete, we all need to revisit and continuously check the foundations to ensure our best performance is always achieved.

Unlearn the wrongs to learn the optimal and effective.