05 Jan

Fruits are a powerful and indispensable food for our health, due to the list of nutrients that contribute to our body and well-being. In fact, fruits contain many vitamins and minerals which cannot be obtained from other sources. 

5 Reasons why eating fruits in the morning is a great way to start the day: 

  1. Your daily portion of antioxidants: Antioxidants are indispensable for our body due to they neutralize and protect our cells from free radicals, which cause aging and, in worst cases, diseases. So a breakfast full of fruits high in antioxidants will be the best way to get the daily doses of antioxidants needed. In addition, it will fill up your vitality tank!
  2. Quick breakfast: I mean, what can be faster that chopping some fruits for breakfast before going to work? Many people complain about not getting enough fruits or vegetables or not knowing how to fit them in their daily nutrition, or not having enough time to cook. Eating fruits in the morning can help you tick all those three things. 
  3. Light option for people with bad appetite in the morning or who wish to prep their stomach for breakfast: Besides their nutrients, fruits are often light and easy to digest, so it is rare to feel stomach heaviness after eating them (unless you have any intolerance to fructose or any fruit in particular) That’s why I think it’s the perfect choice for those who have just woken up and wish to eat something light and nutritious.
  4. It's a great source of energy: Fruits have a type of sugar called fructose. It provides us energy as any other sugar source, but because they contain a lot of fiber, it adds an extra value! Eating fruits in the morning provides us with a great kickstart of necessary and usable energy. 
  5. Friendly with your metabolism: Due to the high content of vitamins and minerals, fruits are metabolism friendly because they provide nutrients needed to keep our systems and hormones in balance. They might even help optimize fat loss, according to a research done by the University of Pittsburgh (USA) that establishes that they maintain and regulate the levels of insulin in our body.

Fruits are an essential food for health. To achieve a good nutritional balance, it is suggested to consume 2 servings daily. - I will talk about portions in a later article - 

In conclusion, you should eat fruits when you feel it is convenient for you, whatever time of the day it is. Nonetheless, it might be best in the morning to get done with it. 

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