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I think I don't have to say much for this recipe, so the intro will be really quick. I am just going to say this: I've made the best homemade NUTELLA ever! 

Before we start, I will give you some ingredient replacements, just in case you don't want to use the same ingredients as the ones I did, specially if you are vegan.   

Butter replacements 

Coconut oil: This ingredient will alter the flavour and it will have the same creamy effect as butter. 

Olive oil: This ingredient will alter the texture of the final result making it more liquid, it will also alter the flavour. I love using butter because, apart that it's awesome, it has neutral flavour and it doesn't stand out so much compared with the other fats mentioned above. 

Brown sugar replacements

 Please take into account that the sweetener you use will impact the final flavour. Even though the actual recipe has brown sugar, it's just 1 tablespoon, which is nothing compared to what the real Nutella has. Remember that 400 gr of Nutella has 227 gr of sugar. Crazy, right? 227 gr of sugar are approx. 800 calories. I know, you won't buy Nutella anymore after this haha. Whereas, one tablespoon of sugar has about 60 calories. So, this recipe has about 12 times less added sugar than the real Nutella. 

Also, remember that dark chocolate could also have added sugar. The one I use for this recipe is 80% chocolate, that's one of the reasons why the added sugar amount is low as well. 

However, it's ok if you don't want to use added sugar in the recipe. The added sugar neutralises the bitterness of the dark chocolate, so if you don't add sugar, you might feel this way more. 

Some of the replacements for the brown sugar are: Honey, Stevia, Dates, None. 

Please understand that the recipe I am sharing with you has the same flavour as the real Nutella. If you change some of the ingredients, the flavour and texture will be indeed affected. Alright, so let's start with the recipe. Pay attention and enjoy!  

Please if you make this recipe share your photos with me on social media  @fitmariamaria  

Fitmariamaria Signature Nutella Recipe 


  • Quantity: 400 gr


  • 1 ½ Cups hazelnuts
  • 150 gr dark chocolate (80%)
  • 1 Tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 Tablespoong room temperature unsalted butter
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence


  1. Pre-heat the oven at 190 degrees celsius
  2. Place the hazelnuts on a flat tray and roast for about 15 min until golden brown (please keep an eye on the hazelnuts, all ovens are different)

3.  While the hazelnuts are roasting in the oven, melt the chocolate on bain-marie or in the microwave (I don't recommend this last option because it can easily burn your chocolate)  

4. Once the hazelnuts are ready, peal the skin off (don't worry if the skin doesn't come off in some of them)  

5. Place the hazelnuts in a blender (I used a NutriBullet) 

6. Start to blend until the hazelnuts become a paste (please look below the three stages of the hazelnut in the mixer) 

Note: If you use a NutriBullet you will need take the container off the motor to shake the mixture a few times, to then keep blending until it becomes a homogenous paste. On this stage, the mixture often gets stock at the bottom of the NutriBullet. Stage 1    

Stage 2   

Stage 3 


7. When everything is blended, push all the preparation down to the bottom of the glass  

8. Add the vanilla essence  

9. Add the brown sugar 

10. Add the tempered chocolate 

11. Blend again

12. Stop blending

13. Combine all the mixture with a spatula

14. Add the butter

15. Blend again. 

Note: Pay attention to this stage. If you want the Nutella to be more grainy, avoid blending the mixture too much. On the other side, if you want the mixture more smooth (like I like it), blend it until it becomes completely homogenous.   

16. Place the Nutella in a container 

Note: A Nutella container of 400 gr works perfectly.

17. Let the Nutella cool down at room temperature 

18. Place it in the fridge (optional) for a couple of minutes or hours until it has the consistency you are looking for. The longer you keep the Nutella in the fridge, the harder will become. Once you find your desired consistency, you can keep it at room temperature and it should hold (unless you live in a hot country) 

Please look below at both results, with and without refrigeration.  

Room Temperature (Didin't go to the fridge)    

After a few hours in the fridge  (This is how I personally like it)  

Please if you make this recipe share your photos with me on social media  @fitmariamaria  Can't wait to see your own versions!

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