10 Jan

My philosophy as personal trainer is to help people to achieve their own best physical version. Every person has a reason to start going to the gym, and most of the time that reason is to get a specific looking body. Your biggest motivation should be seeing your physique pushing its limits and doing your best. 

Here there are 6 tips to help to get your best: 

1. Set Goals The most important is to set up goals (SMART goals). They have to be realistically achievable in short, medium and long term. They are important, because they will help you to establish a finish line. Keep them always in mind; write them down on your calendar or just simply, have them on your phone screen, so when you see them every day, you will be motivated.

 2. Learn If there is something you cannot stop doing it, it is learning. It will help you to improve your life. It does not matter how you do it, it could be doing some courses, asking things, hearing things, researching or just seeing stuff in your daily life, but as long as you keep doing it daily, you will get some positive things in your life from it, specially, because they will make it easier and sometimes could even make things cheaper. 

3. Improve your posture Ask yourself what’s my posture when I walk? When I seat or stand? When I am training? maybe you have a terrible posture, even more when your are working in an office or in a café all day. Your posture affects your body in so many ways; sometimes it could make you feel weaker, more tired or you could some asymmetrical muscle development. If you have bad posture, just correcting it every time you pass in front of a mirror, it will help to improve your health immensely, specially, your back will appreciate it. 

4. Find a role model Whatever your goal is, there is always someone that had the same goal or is trying to achieve it too. Surround yourself with those people and learn how they did it or are doing it, and take whatever could help you and put it in practice. Also, use it as inspiration, because, people that have overcome many problems and kept going when everything seemed against them, or simply made their best to achieve their goals, they deserve an enormous respect and admiration. Also, if you find anyone like that, learn as much as you can from him/her, try to speak with them and ask them for advices, and then apply them in your life and training. 

5. Believe in yourself If you don’t believe in yourself, you will feel always like quitting. Believing in yourself isn’t just about knowing that you can do something, but knowing as well that you will not give up, even when you are in the most difficult situation in your life. If you have a big support from friends, family or work mates, it will help you to keep going, however, it will be useless if you still don’t believe in yourself. So, be confident about who you are, what you can do, what you are doing and your skills. 

6. Get started The previous tips will not take you anywhere, if you don’t start your journey towards your goals, that first step will take you there. That means that even with all the motivation in the world, you will not make any difference unless you decide to start. I have heard many people saying that they are going to do something big, but never decide to take the first step. If you have a goal now why don’t you start now? Yes, maybe you do not feel confident enough to go to the gym, because you are too skinny or too fat, let me tell you something, if you decide to go, you maybe wont have the best body in the place, but you will be the bravest person there. So do it! People will recognize your effort and will encourage you to to achieve your goals. 

At the end there will be always thousands of reasons to start tomorrow or the day after, but if you start today, you’ll be that one-day closer to your goal. Believe me, if you keep avoiding it, later on it will turn more difficult to achieve. So make the choice now! I would like to see your best version? Would you? Let’s go to find it together!

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