24 Oct

Lifting heavy is great for muscle development, most people that's into resistance training know it, but not many know that if you work on lifting heavier loads with a faster tempo it can benefit your muscular development even more.

There are a lot of ways to program weight training. Whatever program you're doing, try to include some fast reps at least in one of your workouts. This combined with your slow reps (slower Time Under Tension) will benefit your ability to lift heavier, do for more reps and therefore impact your muscle increment over time.

Lifting heavy in a faster tempo allows a greater recruitment of muscle fibers. In other words, better muscle "activation".

But how fast should the reps be? A 2016 meta analysis suggests that a lifting tempo to maximize muscle growth is between 2 - 6 seconds. Being tempos closer to 2 seconds better. However, as I say with the scale, don't obsess over specific numbers. It doesn't have to be exact.

For sure there will be more research about this topic in the future, but for now you know that in order to boost muscle growth, you should have a variety of training speeds in your program.

There are many variables when it comes to lifting tempos and this will vary from person to person, goals and program. For example, the heavier you lift and the closer you get to your 1RM the slower you'll lift the weight due to what we know as volume and gravity. So don't try to be Flash with this type of weight. Use your common sense and be safe.

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