26 Mar

The overhead squat is one of the most complex squats. It requires great mobility, stability and a lot of control and coordination. Because it's one of the most complex ways to squat, there is so much room for mistakes. A lot of people have one or more issues with the overhead squat.

Poor posture in a daily basis can affect your chest flexibility, make your back, traps and shoulders stiff leading to a formula for disaster for overhead motions.

Another cause of a poor squat can be the lack of foot stability and control by distributing the load in a non-efficient way through the foot and using poor choices of foot wear. Lack of ankle dorsiflexion is a big cause too.

Today, I am going to give you 2 exercises to improve some of those issues. 

  1. Overhead stick reach and lift 
  • Keep your forehead on the floor
  • Lock the elbows out 
  • With the stick, reach towards your head by pushing the arms over the head and then lift your arms up until your limit. 

At the beginning it might be hard, but the more you practice correctly the better you'll get at it.

      2. Floor grip and knee to wall dorsiflexion

  • Place your foot about 8 - 12 cm away from the wall 
  • Lift the toes
  • Drop the toes and grip the floor 
  • Drive your knee towards the wall without lifting your heel off the floor. 
  • Note: The distance from your foot and the wall could start as closest as you can. You don't necessarily have to start so far away from the wall if you haven't built up your way there. 
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