MOBILITY FUNDAMENTAL program is the secret weapon that will allow you to move better at the gym and in your daily life. It's time to move pain free and like never before. NO MORE STIFF BACK NO MORE STIFF SHOULDERS NO MORE STIFF HIPS NO MORE STIFF ANYTHING Get your joints to move how they are meant to with this program. Finally get to flow with your body and provide the love and support it needs to function optimally every day. MOBILITY FUNDAMENTAL program is the first step towards better mobility. This program helped me recover from my back injury and it's a tool I've been using in a weekly basis since 4 years ago. The program can be performed as warm up, solo routines, for recovery, or during a break from your desk. You can do the routines as many times as you want during the week, the only equipment you need is you beautiful body and a mat. BUT, WHY DO I NEED BETTER MOBILITY and WHAT IS MOBILITY? Strong movement foundations provide a solid structure for good exercise technique and having good mobility is big part of those foundations. Mobility is the ability to move a joint in full range. It allows you to move easily and stay away from joint related injuries. By doing this program you will: - Reduce stress - Increase range of motion - Improve sports' or gym performance - Prevent injuries - Connect more with your body in a deepest way - And feel better than ever before! MOBILITY FUNDAMENTAL Includes: - 6 Mobility Programs - + 3 Free Bonus Mobility Programs: Foot, Neck & Wrist - Workout Videos - 30+ Mobility Exercises - Short and Long variations of each program How to access my program after checkout? 1. After doing checkout, you must access the client zone icon in the right corner of the website. 2. Enter the email with which you made the purchase of the program in the bar and request your login code. 3. Enter the code you received in the email. 4. You already have access to your private profile, from there you can go to the mobility program page and you will have complete access to the program.

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